Circus, wellness and events

Cirko brings a variety of circus makers and organizations under one roof. Besides rehearsal spaces and performance venues, the building houses a restaurant, bar and Suvilahti TBA event centre.

Cirko – Center for New Circus

Founded in 2002, Cirko – Center for new Circus is a registered association with the main mission of enhancing the status of contemporary circus and developing the art form itself. Cirko provides professional circus artists with work spaces and performance venues. Around the year, Cirko proudly presents new contemporary circus pieces by Finnish and international artists.


Hieromo is a massage concept that promotes occupational health, but their doors are wide open to everybody. Hieromo’s body maintenance program is strongly based on dance and bodyweight training. The program aims to improve the functioning of the musculoskeletal system through movements that mobilize joints and strengthen the skeletal muscles.

ArtSport develops and maintains physical and mental wellness of work community. ArtSport combines art and sports with a unique way to offer a holistic wellness and experience service. (in Finnish)

Sirkus Magenta

Founded in 2011, Sirkus Magenta is a non-profit organization that specializes in social circus. Magenta produces circus workshops, shows and leisure activities for target groups of all ages. The organization started as part of a project funded by the European Social Fund with the objective of establishing social circus as a permanent part of the Finnish circus scene and wellbeing services commissioned by Finnish municipalities. In 2013, Sirkus Magenta organized its first humanitarian aid project in Jordan.

The Finnish Hospital Clowns Association

Hospital clowns visit children’s hospital wards to bring joy to little patients, their family and hospital staff. The Hospital Clowns Association offers its services for all Finnish university hospitals and some of the central hospitals on a regular basis. The 40 red-nosed clowns are all performing artists who have gone through a training program for working a hospital environment. The cornerstones of the hospital clown’s work are improvisation, presence and general foolish behavior. The ultimate goal of all the fun is to support the wellbeing of the families and to strengthen the child’s self-image by creating feel good moments together in the midst of the everyday routines of the hospital. The activities of the Hospital Clowns are funded entirely by subsidies and donations.