Residents in the building 8

Cirko gathers together different kind of circus residents and organisations under the same roof. In the same building with Cirko locates restaurant, bar and event centre Suvilahti TBA.

Cirko – Center for New Circus

Since 2002, Cirko – Center for New Circus has been striving to develop working conditions for circus artists and provide support for the development of the art of circus in general. Cirko provides professional performance and rehearsal spaces, presenting homegrown, contemporary circus, year round.

Circo Aereo

Circo Aereo is a national Finnish contemporary circus group. With headquarters in Finland and France, the troupe continues to perform around the globe. Today Circo Aereo is one of Finland’s most internationally successful performing troupes and a flagship Finnish cultural export. In recent years Circo Aereo has played a key role in bringing Finnish contemporary circus to international prominence. Since 1996 the group has visited some 30 countries.


Hieromo offers massage services that improve wellbeing at work.

Virtual Circus Finland

Virtual Circus is a fresh AR and VR start up company founded in November 2017 by experienced artists and entrepreneurs. Virtual Circus Finland helps corporate customers reach their consumers in AR and VR environments with fascinating experiences, creates new contexts for AR and VR content to reach spectators and designs multi-platform packages that bridge live entertainment, objects and AR and VR content.

Sirkus Magenta

Founded in 2011, Sirkus Magenta is a social circus association using circus as a vehicle for social inclusion and development. Magenta organises courses, workshops, performances and hobby groups for all ages and needs. This non-profit association’s activities were initiated as a European Social Fund project, with the aim of establishing social circus as a permanent fixture in the circus world and an important service provider in the field of health and wellbeing.

The Finnish Hospital Clowns Association

Finnish Hospital Clowns Association employs and trains hospital clowns who do their rounds in the pediatric wards delighting young patients and their families. At the moment the Hospital Clowns visit the pediatric clinics of Helsinki, Turku, Tampere, Kuopio and Oulu Hospitals.


Stopteltat offers tent rentals and sales along with a comprehensive array of auxiliary services and supplies. Stopteltat creates the perfect setting for your event, including delivery, set-up, furnishing – and those essential finishing touches. Afterwards, the installation is removed quickly and tidily without leaving a trace.

Suvilahti TBA