Facilities and rental

Facilities and rental

You can organize your own events at Cirko. The former machine room of Suvilahti’s gasworks offers a rustic atmosphere alongside high quality, purpose-built technical fixtures. Both of Cirko’s roomy studios, Solmu and Maneesi, offer space for many different kinds of events, from seminars, conferences and product launches to film shoots.


Maneesi is a 300m² empty space that can be transformed to suit all kinds of event. The maximum capacity of the space is 300 people. Maneesi is a high space with arched ceiling and dark wooden floor. Maneesi has a direct entrance through large loading doors that make branding the entrance possible and provide ease of load in and load out. Maneesi is hired out as an empty space without light or sound fixtures.

Download Maneesi’s blueprint (pdf)

Free height: 7 m

Width: 14,9 m

Depth: 19,8 m


This auditorium space of 213m² includes 130 removable seats, a sprung dance floor, blackout curtains, Molton curtains and extensive technical equipment. The walls, the ceiling and the floor all have multiple rigging points.

Download Solmu’s blueprint (pdf)

Stage area:

Free height: 5,8 m

Width: 9,5 m

Depth: 10,5 m


Ask for an offer sales@cirko.fi.

Technical fixtures

Solmu-hall has a comprehensive set of light and sound fixtures including video.

Maneesi is hired out as an empty space without light or sound fixtures.


You can bring your own catering to Cirko’s premises.