Projects and Networks

Projects and Networks

Cirko is an active member of Nordic, European and global networks in the field of contemporary circus. These networks develop the field, accelerate interaction between organisations and artistic groups and create joint programs and models to support artistic work and touring productions.

Academy Of Artistic Thinking

The Academy of Artistic Thinking (AAT) is a three-year project run by the Cirko Center for New Circus. Funded by the Kone Foundation, the project aims at developing dramaturgic and critical thinking. It invited artists of different disciplines of performing arts to learn together and from each other in a creative, constructive, dialogical and relaxed atmosphere. The project consisted of a two-year educational program offered during the academic years 2018–2019 and 2019–2020 in collaboration with the Open Campus of the University of the Arts Helsinki as well as digital performances that were produced during the academic year 2020–2021.


Circostrada is the European Network for Circus and Street Arts representing more than 120 member organizations from over 35 countries. Created in 2003 with the core mission of furthering the development, empowerment and recognition of these fields at European and international levels, over the years the network has become an important anchoring point for its members and a key interlocutor in the dialogue with cultural policy makers across Europe. Circostrada collects and disseminates information about the circus and street arts field, offering training and counselling, organizing meetings between professionals and creating publications in English and French.

Baltic Nordic Circus Network

The Baltic Nordic Circus Network (BNCN) is a collaborative network of 14 circus art organizations whose members come from the Baltic and Nordic countries. The mission of BNCN is to strengthen regional collaboration and develop the field of circus art in the Baltic Sea region. The activities include, for example, workshops and meetings for artists of the region and other circus professionals.


Cirko is one of the seventeen partners in the circusnext project of seventeen European countries. The project was formerly known as Jeunes talents cirque Europe. CircusNext supports artistic work of emerging European circus artists by providing residencies, workshops and production support. circusnext will select six emerging European circus artists or groups for its platform through an open call. The successful candidates will be provided with rehearsal and work opportunities and mentoring in artistic and production-related matters. The project is co-funded by the Creative Europe / MEDIA program of the European Union.

Development Circle 2017–2019

The Development Circle is a network of five Helsinki-based arts and cultural agents with a mission of creating models for corporate collaboration and financing in the arts field. The resources of small and medium-sized agents for the strategic development of corporate collaboration are minimal. What could we achieve by joining forces? The Helsinki Cultural Center has provided a three-year funding program for the development of the network’s operations. The members of the Development Circle include the Baltic Circle Festival, Cirko Center for New Circus, DocPoint  Helsinki Documentary Film Festival, Nuoren Voiman Liitto (Runokuu Literary Festival) and the Zodiak Center for New Dance.