Cirko – Center for New Circus is looking for artists for its residency program. In order to meet the application criteria, the applicant or a minimum of one member of the circus- or interdisciplinary group must be of Finnish nationality OR living in Finland.

Residencies are divided into both Solmu and Maneesi halls, located in the Cirko Center in Helsinki, Finland. Before applying, check that it is possible to implement your residency at Cirko’s premises. You can find more information about the premises here.

Application instructions

When can you apply?
The residency application period for Artist Residency Program  for the year 2026 opens on June 19, 2024, and the application period ends on August 12, 2024 at 10 a.m.

Who can apply?
Anyone regardless of nationality or place of residency can apply for a residency, but one member of the circus- or interdisciplinary group must be of Finnish nationality OR living in Finland.

What kind of project can you apply for?
The residencies are intended for advancing work processes and artistic research. However, residencies can be granted to further work on and develop a work that has already premiered, as well as to develop one’s artistic practice.

The work or concept must be suitable for Cirko’s Solmu hall or Maneesi hall. You can see the technical data of the halls on Cirko’s website.

You can apply for a residency period with several different work concepts or working groups. A separate application must be filled out for each project.

What does the Residence include?
The residency period begins with an inaugural meeting with Cirko’s production-, technical- and communications staff, where the progress and goals of the residency are reviewed together.

As part of the residency, the artist or group opens their process to other professionals and the public with a free-form open rehearsal. Other forms of audience outreach are also welcome.

The working group has at its disposal the Solmu or Maneesi hall and the social facilities located next to the halls. When possible, Cirko offers accommodation for a maximum of four artists during the residency.

When possible, Cirko offers the artist or the group technical, production and artistic mentorship.

Selection process
When choosing the artists for the residency program, the following is taken into account and evaluated:

  • artistic level
  • professionalism
  • artists at different phases of their careers
  • variety of different circus disciplines
  • geographical representation
  • diversity of genders
  • the applicability of the project to Cirko’s facilities

The selections are made by a working group consisting of Cirko’s staff.

The project in the residency may be in its initial stages, but it must have a clear working plan that shows the project’s goals and measures to achieve the set goals.

The choices of artists or groups for residency are based on the information given in the application form and its attachments. Any changes must be reported to Cirko immediately.

Selections are conditional until a written recidency agreement between Cirko and the artist or working group has been made. The agreed time of the residency period can not be changed (force majeure reasons will be taken into account as far as possible). Cirko can also choose artists for the residency outside of this call.

Application form for 2026 residencies

For more information about the residency application, please contact technical producer Ina Niemelä,

Artists and groups in residency in 2024

Nuua Company
Viivi Roiha
Audiovisual Circus
Henna Kaikula
Blind Gut Company
Miradonna Sirkka
Jenny Mansikkasalo
Aino Savolainen
Linnea Tuominen
Hannu Juntunen
Milla Jarko
Hanna Moisala
SASAK / Janita Rauhala
SASAK / Linda Ylisirkka
Recover Laboratory
Aura of Puppets / Marttila, Pelto, Lehti
Charles Quevillon
Usva Company
Kate & Pasi
Opus Company
Company Portmanteau
Saila Jantunen
Haidi Sadonkorpi, F++
Goethe-instituutti / Saksan vaihto
Race Horse Company
Sivuun Ensemble & Kallo Collective
Underhouse Productions