Petri Kekoni Company: Glow of Dimness 2021

Petri Kekoni Company: Glow of Dimness 2021

A fruitful collaboration between Petri Kekoni Company and chamber
orchestra Avanti! continues with the renewed version of the work Glow of
dimness in 2021. It will be performed 5.11.–13.11. at Cirko, Helsinki.

Through a collaboration between Petri Kekoni and Jovanka Trbojevićin
(1963-2017) three successful works were completed: Glow of dimness
(2005), Variations of foreign origin (2009) and The Stop – dark matter
of art (2016).

These works represent an almost forgotten type of contemporary dance art
scene; the union of composed partiture music and dance art. These works
contain something that is rarely seen in these times; monumental picture
of movement and music, these works can be seen as miniature boulders in
contemporary dance art.

The situation in the world is alarming in many ways and climate change
is modern reality. In 2005 we asked the Icelandic poet Sjón to write a
text for this piece. He decided to write a poem about melting glaciers
and a volcanic eruption in Iceland. This clear prophecy is one the
reasons to bring up this work at this time we are living. Glow of
dimness has a gloomy apocalyptic mood. In this piece we are on the edge
of the end of times, but through music and movement transparency and
hope has been added.

Digging up forgotten pearls every now and then, belongs to the activity
of Petri Kekoni Company. In the themes of each piece in question there´s
something that´s asking to be presented – at times there comes a clear
sensation, that the time we are living meets a certain piece better than
when it was originally born.

Running time 45 min
Location & accessibility Cirko – Center for New Circus
Tickets 15/27 €
Fri 5.11. at 19:00 Sat 6.11. at 19:00 Wed 10.11. at 19:00 Thu 11.11. at 19:00 Sat 13.11. at 19:00


Choreography and concept

Petri Kekoni


Maija Kiviluoto, Tanja Illukka, Terhi Vaimala, Anna Stenberg, Marika Peura, Petri Kekoni


Jovanka Trbojević

Avanti! Chamber Orchestra

Kari Olamaa, viulu, Teija Kivinen, viulu, Tuula Riisalo, alttoviulu, Sami Mäkelä, sello

Light design

Anna Rouhu

Costume design

Monika Harti

Text and performance on recording



Pasi Orrensalo


Petri Kekoni

Technical execution

Heikki Rosti / Verstas Helsinki


Anne Peippo / Petri Kekoni Company