Recover Laboratory: One Hundred Million Percent: night walk (in Finnish)

Recover Laboratory: One Hundred Million Percent: night walk (in Finnish)

A hypnotic midsummer's walk in Suvilahti

One Hundred Million Percent: night walk takes the audience straight into Finland’s beautiful summer, the nightless night, in the concrete jungle of Suvilahti. This experiential art walk leads the experiencer into a surrealistic limbo which is a hopeful prelude for things to come. Anything can happen on a limpid summer night. A hundred million percent will soon be given and taken!

This absurd piece created by a visual artist, a drummer, and a circus artist is a kind of reflection, a U-turn, a fascinating performance about giving attention in the summer night that has been turned into a stage. One Hundred Million Percent: night walk is a pandemic safe first part of a series that culminates in a stage piece called One Hundred Million Percent, which premieres in the summer of 2022.

One Hundred Million Percent: night walk was conceived amidst the pandemic when the original piece One Hundred Million Percent could not be performed. The crew, which specializes in site-based artworks, didn’t want to live stream this performance as it was meant to be performed on stage – not on screens. This art walk became a fascinating contrast to the original idea. It’s a hypnotic performance about giving attention on a summer night. In this performance the spectator becomes the participant, the environment becomes the stage, and the attention of the spectator focuses on the surrounding world instead of the performer.

This midsummer’s walk is Helsinki-based multi-art company Recover Laboratory’s exhaustive answer to the prolonged and aggravating COVID-19 pandemic.

The performance is in Finnish, no translation will be provided.

Recover Laboratory

Helsinki-based multi-art group Recover Laboratory focuses on immersive and multi-artistic experiences. They invite spectators to experience art as a whole and, in most cases, experience it underground. The gushing imagination of RecLabs core crew, Sofi Häkkinen, Miradonna Sirkka, and Inna Huttunen has resulted in fascinating collisions of fine art and contemporary circus. Now, the trio takes along drummer Aleksi Kinnunen and some hoops – and the plan is to conquer black box stages.

Running time 60–75 min
Location & accessibility Suvilahti, wheelchair accessible
Age recommendation 15+
Tickets 16,50/30 €
Thu 3.6. at 23:59 Fri 4.6. at 23:59 Sat 5.6. at 23:59 Tue 8.6. at 23:59 Wed 9.6. at 23:59 Thu 10.6. at 23:59 Fri 11.6. at 23:59 Sat 12.6. at 23:59


Concept, manuscript

Miradonna Sirkka, Sofi Häkkinen, Aleksi Kinnunen


Miradonna Sirkka, Aleksi Kinnunen

Visual artist & Sifi

Sofi Häkkinen

Sound design

Aleksi Kinnunen

Technical implementation

Samuli Kivelä, Arto Kostet


Aki Himanen

Light design

Alina Pajula

Costume design

Hanna Herva

Video recording

Iida-Liina Linnea


Emma Kunnas


Inna Huttunen / Recover Laboratory

Dramaturgical support

Jarkko Lehmus / Cirko