Object Festival – Emil Dahl: HOLY + Old School with Elvis

Object Festival – Emil Dahl: HOLY + Old School with Elvis

Emil Dahl: HOLY

HOLY is virtuoso circus in minimalistic form. Emil Dahl spent more than five years
researching ring juggling. In HOLY his findings on balances, shapes and patterns are
presented in a dogma -style setting squeezing grandioso juggling inside a small frame.

Duration: 45 min.

Old School with Elvis

Finland’s leading fire-eater is by no means a professional DJ. Altogether escaping the modern notion of a DJ as someone who has more mp3 files than you do – and knows which button to push – Elvis is just a person who saved his early 90s rave vinyls. And then downloaded some mp3s. Elvis plays a track to follow the track that came before the next track and does not speak between the tracks. Just open your mind and join the night in motion in the age of love.


Running time 90 min
Location & accessibility Cirko
Age recommendation +12
Tickets 20/15 €
Sat 23.10. at 19:00

Emil Dahl: HOLY – credits

Concept and juggling

Emil Dahl


Johan Rinman


Erik Åberg

Outside eye

Wes Peden

Special thanks

Katarina Tagesson

With support by

Swedish Arts Grants Committee ja Östergötland province