Object 2020

Object 2020

Festival for people, object & circus

Magic, dance, sound art, juggling, film, acrobatics, DJ craft, music, cocktails and theater.

This year Object focuses on sound as object material.

Ranging from abstract movement studies to pieces of visual theater the program is filled with unique works and meetings with a diverse group of artists. Acrobatics producing the sound-score, theater work set to a film soundtrack and a music maker focusing on clashing incompatible sound ideas are just some picks from the diverse collection of events.

Program at Cirko

16.10. at 7 pm

Race Horse Company – O'DD ©Minja Kaukoniemi

Race Horse Company – O’DD ©Minja Kaukoniemi

Race Horse Company: O’DD
A 20 minutes fragment from O’DD, an adventure story of humanity in the guts of gravity.
Read more about the performance and watch the trailer
Sini Saari
is an aerial acrobat specializing in highly detailed and technical work on aerial ropes.
is a Helsinki-based music maker focusing on bringing together sound materials that should be incompatible, frictional conflicting yet finding ways that resonate within himself.

17.10. at 7 pm

Onni Toivonen & Wilma Seppälä: Amalgam ©Jussi Ulkuniemi

Onni Toivonen & Wilma Seppälä: Amalgam ©Jussi Ulkuniemi

Onni Toivonen & Wilma Seppälä: Amalgam
is a collision of dance and juggling. Bodies and objects conjure up images that are at times wild and humouristic, at times thoughtful and calm. Through the 8-limb club knot, the headspinning plank and featherdance of balance, Amalgam takes the audience on an unexpected journey to the crossroads of dance and juggling.
Juggler: Onni Toivonen
Dancer: Wilma Seppälä
Music: Konsta Leinonen
Habitat: braids and cords in the air or on the ground
Body: four hands, four legs, two heads
Nutrition: Ropes
Responds to the call: Myrsky (Rönkä) and Marjut (Hernesniemi)
Symbiosis Syn together, bios living. Symbiosis is an any type of a close and long term biological interaction between two different organisms. Music: Teemu Kiiskilä
Arttu Lahtinen
is a juggler and object manipulator specializing in minimalistic and mesmerizing movement work with round objects.
Dj Massimo
Beat juggling & scratching & mixing.

Read more about performances, performers and festival program: objectfestival.fi

Location & accessibility Cirko – Uuden sirkuksen keskus
Tickets 20 / 15 €
Fri 16.10. at 19:00 Sat 17.10. at 19:00