NouNous Festival: The Letter

NouNous Festival: The Letter

Paolo Nani’s classic and international hit The Letter has toured since 1992 all over the world. This non-verbal physical theatre show has reached cult fame with a very simple form, writing a letter. With 15 different ways from horror to magic without special effects or scenography, Paolo Nani makes writing a letter something different. Performance packed with details, and skillful precision and timing has been called the encyclopedia of comedy. Show has toured in 40 countries and performed over 1500 times. A must see!

“Paolo Nani, the quintessence of comedy. He is considered one of the few masters of the contemporary physical theatre. The Letter, a perfect miracle of precision and talent – in world tour since 1992 – is a kind of encyclopedia of comedy”.
Live Milano, Milan, Nov. 2011

Running time 60 min
Location & accessibility Cirko – Center for New Circus
Age recommendation +8
Tickets 22,50/18,50 €, serial ticket 50 €
Fri 3.12. at 19:00 Sat 4.12. at 20:00 Sun 5.12. at 15:00



Paolo Nani, Nullo Facchini


Nullo Facchini