Kate McIntosh: In Many Hands

Kate McIntosh: In Many Hands

In Many Hands

With “In Many Hands” Kate McIntosh dives into the tactile and the multi-sensory, inviting the audience to test, touch, listen, search and sniff. This project steps away from the stage – instead bringing the audience into a series of aesthetic sensory situations, and inviting them to experiment with materials and encounter physical phenomena themselves. If one really does learn-by-doing, then what’s learned here is a sensitization of nerves, a tuning of attention, a priming of curiosity. “In Many Hands” is part laboratory, part expedition, part meditation – as it unfolds, visitors take their time to engage and explore as they wish, following their noses and curiosities.

Kate McIntosh is a Brussels-based artist who practices across the boundaries of performance, theatre, video and installation. Her works often focus on the physicality of both performer and audience, the manipulation of objects and materials, and the development of direct relations with and between audience members. McIntosh’s practice is guided by her ongoing fascinations with the misuse of objects, playfulness with the public, a love of theatrical images and an off-beat humour.

The show is realised in co-operation with Baltic Circle. Ticket sales start on September 13.

Running time ca. 90 min
Location & accessibility Cirko – Uuden sirkuksen keskus
Age recommendation +18, children over 12 with an adult
Tickets 25/14,50 €
Tue 12.11. at 16:30 Tue 12.11. at 20:00 Wed 13.11. at 16:30 Wed 13.11. at 20:00


Concept & Direction

Kate McIntosh

Developed in collaboration with

Arantxa Martinez, Josh Rutter


Sarah Parolin, Linda Sepp

Produced in Helsinki in collaboration with

Cirko – Center for New Circus

Visit supported by

TelepART Mobility Support

Presented by

Lucie Schroeder


John Avery

Light & technology

Joëlle Reyns

Technical direction during the tour

Michele Piazzi, Koen De Saeger

Artistic advice

Dries Douibi, Gary Stevens

Studio Assistance

Lucie Schroeder


Daria Gatti

Production assistance

Jana Durnez, Anneliese Ostertag, Mara Kirchberg


Laura Deschepper, Ingrid Vranken

Produced by



PACT Zollverein, Parc de la Villette, Kaaitheater, Vooruit Kunstencentrum , BIT Teatergarasjen, Black Box Teater, Schauspiel Leipzig, théâtre Garonne – scène européenne, far° festival des arts vivants, House on Fire Network, and the Open Latitudes Network.

Supported by

Vlaamse Overheid, Vlaamse Gemeenschapscommissie, NATIONALES PERFORMANCE NETZ, Pianofabriek kunstenwerkplaats, Tanzfabrik SPIN is structurally supported by BUDA Kunstencentrum for the period 2017–2021.

Thanks to

Tom Bruwier, Martin Pilz, Andrea Parolin