The circus tent is coming to town. Who’s building it? Who will perform there? What will be shown there? And why? 

Ensembled is Arctic Ensemble’s first performance for the group’s new circus tent. The contemporary circus collective, which has performed hundreds of shows in Finland and abroad, invites the audience to experience the whole spectrum of circus life and the melting pot, where glamor and rubber boots, big volts and humor, caravans, lekas and roaring magnesium meet.

The acrobatic fingerprints of nine circus artists can be seen in the 400-person tent made to order for the group. The tent creates its own world that escapes the rules  of the reality outside. The tent fabric is the border of another reality: The show floating in the air and the people flying through the tent emphasize the fact that inside the tent gravity really is turned off.

The performance accompanied by live music condenses several years of touring life, dedication and the power of cooperation. Arctic Ensemble’s passionate relationship with group acrobatics is the leading star of the show and Ensembled invites you to experience this up close: circus trust, working together and finding limits. And the audience can join in, by trying to knock down the tightrope walker!

Ensembled is more than a circus act, but what? Find out by entering.

Arctic Ensemble is a Finnish, ambitious contemporary circus collective that, despite its young age, has toured with Sirkus Finlandia, performed in Germany’s biggest arenas, filled stands in Japan and was awarded a special Cirque du Soleil prize at an international circus festival. The core of the group’s activities is to perform high-level and spectacular circus acrobatics in a traveling circus tent, and the goal is to fill the tent, no matter where they are performing.

Arctic Ensemble is work, friends, family and a way of life in one package. The group’s activities are based on equality between members, extensive expertise and a sense of humor that supports through everything. A big group for big dreams.








In cooperation with: City of Kerava cultural services

Längd 60 min
Tillgänglighet Circus tent at Kerava's Kivisilta event field, Kivisillantie 1
Ålders­rekommendation 7 +
Tickets Adults 22,60 € Children, students and pensioners 16 €
sön 8.9. at 15:00 lör 14.9. at 18:00


Circus Artist:

Ada Forsberg

Circus Artist:

Anselmi Kaisanlahti

Circus Artist:

Eino Kaisanlahti

Circus Artist:

Armas Lintusaari

Circus Artist:

Orfeo Llewellyn

Circus Artist:

Pihla Ojala

Circus Artist:

Emmi Peltola

Circus Artist:

Minna Pulsa

Circus Artist:

Linnea Purontaus

Costume Design:

Riikka Manni

Light Design:

Jaakko Sirainen


Eetu Ranta

Composer, musician:

Eeti Nieminen

Photos and video:

Mikko Pirinen