Recover Laboratory: Kupla

Recover Laboratory: Kupla

Night of the Arts

Kupla (Bubble) – An Underwater Wonderland

Kupla is an experiential installation for children and families at Cirko in Suvilahti during the Night of the Arts. It’s an underwater wonderland where only your imagination is the limit. Glimmering jellyfish, whimsical puffball clouds, a dancer, a circus performer and DJ Sammakko (Frog) share with you an imaginative bubbling world based on joy, play and freedom.

You can participate in the show as a spectator, following events as they unfolw from the sidelines, or take part in the fun: play with soap bubbles, draw, or join DJ Sammako’s disco!

Kupla is a new immersive children’s performance by the multi-art group Recover Laboratory, which will be premiered in this form at Cirko’s Night of the Arts! In 2024, the group received an award – Sirkuksen Maineteko – award for their work on promoting new forms of performing arts and equality.

Excited about Kupla? Check out also Recover Laboratory’s Salainen saari (Secret Island) at Cirko on Sat 28.9. at 10 a.m. and 12:30 p.m.


Running time 3 h
Location & accessibility Cirko
Age recommendation 2 +
Tickets 0 €
Thu 15.8. at 16:00



Inna Huttunen

Cirkus Artist:

Susanna Liinamaa

Dance Artist:

Krista-Julia Arppo

DJ Sammakko:

Elisa Luukkainen

Sound design and music:

Elisa Luukkainen & Samuli Kivelä


Sofi Häkkinen

Set and costume design:

Working group

Light design:

Kauri Klemelä


Recover Laboratory