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Salainen saari

Salainen saari (The Secret Island) is a titillating story about exploring a mysterious world, the joy of discovery, and how we can find new friends in surprising places, as long as we are open to adventure. Recover Laboratory’s Salainen Saari opens Cirko’s new CirkOtus program set for children and adults, where fun is guaranteed!

The story begins on a mysterious island where a curious but somewhat lonely character lives. Suddenly, something sparkles in the turquoise sea and a bottle mail invites you to an adventure. On her journey full of surprises, she balances on glass bottles, creates art with soap bubbles brought by the storm and spins light rings. Magical jellyfish entice you to dance, and funny minnows pop out of the treasure chest to play. Welcome to a fascinating adventure!

After the half-hour performance, the secret island will be taken over by DJ Sammakko (DJ Frog), who will play the best remixes from the island and children’s favorite songs. DJ Sammakko inspires and guides everyone to move and makes the dance floor jump with joy. The 20-minute disco moment is guided movement to the rhythm of the music, which encourages listening to the body’s own language.

In connection with CirkOtus performances, you can also enjoy pancakes in the Peloton restaurant downstairs in Cirko!

Salainen saari was created by Inna Huttunen and Susanna Liinamaa of the multi-art group Recover Laboratory. The group’s surrealist works and art experiences are based on contact between people, honesty and the freedom created by art. In 2024, the group received the Sirkuksen Maineteko award for their work on promoting new forms of performing arts and equality. Last year, the group represented Finland in the finals of the Circusnext competition, during which the work Salainen saari also began as part of the process.

The performer of the piece, circus artist Susanna Liinamaa, specializes in object manipulation, cultural well-being and children’s performances. Experience designer Inna Huttunen, together with Liinamaa, scripted, directed and was responsible for the design. The delicious visual world of the piece is the work of visual artist Sofi Häkkinen and Lighting Designer Kauri Klemelä. The hypnotic music was composed and the sound design was done by Samuli Kivelä. DJ Sammakko aka Elisa Luukkainen is a musician and music education professional who believes that joy is our home frequency and movement is a natural way of being for humans. Cirko’s director and dramaturg Jarkko Lehmus, dance artist Krista-Julia Arppo and kindergartener Alvar Lehto acted as choreographic and dramaturgical consultants in the piece.

Running time 30 + 20 min.
Location & accessibility Cirko
Age recommendation 2 +
Tickets Adults 22,50 €, Childre 11,50 €, Family ticket (2 adults and 2 children) 52,52 €
Sat 28.9. at 10:00 Sat 28.9. at 12:30


Direction, script & concept:

Inna Huttunen & Susanna Liinamaa


Susanna Liinamaa

DJ Sammakko:

Elisa Luukkainen

Sculptures, staging and costume:

Sofi Häkkinen

Light Design:

Kauri Klemelä

Sound Design and music:

Samuli Kivelä

Dramaturgical and choreographic consulting:

Jarkko Lehmus, Krista-Julia Arppo ja Alvar Lehto


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