Race Horse Company: Chevalier


Race Horse Company

Acrobatics and Hobby Horses

In this hilarious solo piece, contemporary circus meets traditional horse circus. The chevalier mounts a herd of hobby horses and creates a theatrical entity rather than a conventional sequence of circus numbers.

Chevalier was created by Kalle Lehto, the artistic director and one of the founding members of Race Horse Company. Lehto performs the piece himself and treats us to a wide variety of circus acts from acrobatics to clown on hobby horses, spiced up with Lehto’s idiosyncratic break dance moves and humoristic style.

Fri 3.5. at 18:00
Sat 4.5. at 14:00
Sat 4.5. at 18:00
Sun 5.5. at 14:00
Tue 7.5. at 18:00
Thu 9.5. at 18:00
Sun 12.5. at 14:00
Tue 14.5. at 18:00
Wed 15.5. at 18:00
Thu 16.5. at 18:00
Sat 18.5. at 14:00
Sat 18.5. at 18:00
Sun 19.5. at 14:00
Running time
40 min
Age recommendation
+4 years
Ticket prices
17,50/11,00 €, family ticket 52 €

Direction, performance & manuscript
Kalle Lehto
Sound design
Sami Tammela
Light design
Eero Alava
Video design
Christoffer Collina & Kalle Lehto
Race Horse Company
Hannu Huhtamo