Festival of physical comedy 7.-10.12.2023

NouNous is now the OuNous Festival!

NouNous Festival, organised by Kallo Collective in Cirko since 2017, is a festival of wordless physical comedy. This year, surprisingly, in addition to comedy, there are also words! And when we break our own rules, the name has to change too. OuNous!

Cirko – Center for New Circus gently embraces comedy lovers, and this year’s package includes international guestsfrom Sweden and Spain in addition to talents from Finland.

The week starts with Lotta & Stina’s charming “Twenty Years Later… Still Here!” This acrobatic rola-bola duo has been working together for 22 years, and you can say that the entire spectrum of life with its ups and downs fits into this performance. Helsinki premiere!

VAL – a performance and a light sculpture – that fills Maneesi, is big bones and LED lights. VAL is an entity envisioned by Tom Brand, member and artistic director of the Swedish circus group Svalbard. Tom Brand and sound wizard Tuomas Norvio will be the first to work with VAL. The second pair is the acrobat Marina Cherry and Risto Puurunen, known from the band Cleaning Women. Both of the pairs work independently creating an improvised piece in and around the installation.

We also have a programming suitable for the whole family. Red Hot Condition – Company Afterclap’s first work – brings to the festival a giant dose of energy and world-class circus via Nelli Kujansivu and Aaron Hakala directly from Stockholm. Nelli and Aaron breathe life into the 80s colour world with lycra and humour, not only for themselves, but also for their audience. The fitness phenomenon gets a ride in the hands of these experts. Helsinki premiere!

The Swedish company Kapsel and its virtuoso jugglers Erik Åberg and Jay Gilligan bring the show Apparat to the festival. The playful humour of the work delights both adults and children. What sort of surprises can be found behind everyday things? Amazement and joy reflect a shared experience together. Helsinki premiere!

Last but not least, we have Into the Wild, a satirical and physical performance with dark humour by Henni Kervinen and Riina Tikkanen. Two unmerciful narrators explore taboo topics related to nature, guiding us from environmental destruction to healing rituals. Only one performance on Sunday so get ready to get your tickets!

We have new things happening during the festival. The festival’s own house artists work the whole week and give us samples of their work on Saturday’s OuNous Soiree. And we also talk. Art and culture policy discussions are scheduled for the Thursday and Friday afternoons of the event. More information on the contents of the discussions and OuNous Soiree will be available in November.

Restaurant services are provided by Stadin Panimo, and presale tickets are on sale at Tiketti on 19th of October onwards. Jenni Kallo, together with Sari Lakso, has been responsible for curating the festival this year. New ticket options have been added and the new ones include e.g. Family ticket and specially priced tickets for Maneesi’s performances on the pay-what-you-can principle.

The schedule of the festival week can be found on Kallo Collective’s website:

Welcome to enjoy!

For more information:

Sari Lakso, Festival producer: +358 50 548 0086

Location & accessibility Cirko - Center for New Circus
Thu 7.12. at 00:00 Fri 8.12. at 00:00 Sat 9.12. at 00:00 Sun 10.12. at 00:00