Milla Jarko

Milla Jarko

TIIKERI - The (some@bility) PERFORMANCE PIECE i.e. concerto and biennianal for cirko's Solmu stage and other spaces

What makes a performance?
TIIKERI (tiger) declares to be one.

We tinker with performances for our social media stages all we can. As reality dissolves into an omnipresent social media reality, it becomes hard to separate the truth from the game. What is a performance then? Does it ever end?

TIIKERI – a piece for the stage and a bit beyond.


Milla Jarko Tiikeri


22nd September 2022
Honestly, I’d just wanna leave this empty. Not write anything. Maybe just that it’s a piece for the stage and a bit beyond. The rest could just remain blank.

TIIKERI (my social media self?)
Okay, okay. Hear me out. This could be a circusy concert piece performance play on stage

MILLA (myself?)
LOL GrauHahA! You don’t even know what you’re up to now! And what’s “circusy”?

TIIKERI (my social media self?)
Well yeah, I’m in it for real, though, but not seriously! + am doing what I can with the
resources. Rearranging what’s already there — and like extending it in a way, instead of
creating. And, by the way, circusy is the heritage~base layer.

MILLA (myself?)
– Right on. So how does it turn out when you do it like that?


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The exhibition opens one hour before the performance.

The performance contains nudity and flashing lights.

This performance piece set in Cirko is part of circus artist Milla Jarko’s project Tiikeri (tiger), which began in 2018. Tiikeri simultaneously rehearses, performs, and creates in not-so-typical settings and situations — in the flesh as well as on social media. TIIKERI as a performance piece is a type of homerun for the stage. It’s tuned with elements familiar from concerts and social media. The on-going Tiikeri project continues to actively seek new places and ways of experimenting with performance, whenever and wherever one feels like it.
Running time 1h 45min
Location & accessibility Cirko, Solmu hall
Age recommendation 12+
Tickets 30€/16,50€, small amount of Pay what you can - tickets available before the show.
Fri 20.1. at 19:00 Sat 21.1. at 19:00 Wed 25.1. at 19:00 Thu 26.1. at 19:00 Fri 27.1. at 19:00 Sat 28.1. at 19:00

Working group:

Overall design, script, sound design, production, performer:

Milla Jarko

Visual and set design:

Milla Jarko, Anna Pietilä

Light design:

Milla Jarko and Ainu Palmu

Companion and support in movement:

Anni Koskinen

Artistic peer support:

Anni Hurme, Miradonna Sirkka, Henri Tuulasjärvi



Supported by:

Taiteen edistämiskeskus, Koneen Säätiö, Suomen kulttuurirahasto, Sirkus Faktori, Cirko