Menteuses: À Nos Fantômes

À nos Fantômes

Les Menteuses

Gloria was never a Swedish singer or a figure skating champion,

but she dreamed of it.

Hanging in midair, looking uncomfortably overdressed,

she’s waiting for things to happen.

Thud! Free fall entrance. A young woman lies on the ground.

The resemblance is uncanny. Could it be… her?

À Nos Fantômes takes us on an inner journey through a series of scenes-sequences. This self-discovery trip makes us see life through Gloria’s eyes and reveals her particular  relation to the world.

Gloria mistakes dreams for reality. She is lonely, kind of cowardly and somewhat megalomaniac. Life and its endless possibilities scare her. She is afraid her dreams will disappear, afraid to fall short of her expectations, afraid to choose by fear of renouncing. She is lost… Mired in reality.

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Wed 13.3. at 19:00
Fri 15.3. at 19:00
Sat 16.3. at 19:00
Sun 17.3. at 19:00
Tue 19.3. at 19:00
Wed 20.3. at 19:00
Running time
50 min
Age recommendation
+8 years
Ticket prices
28,00/17,50 €

Writers and Performers
Célia Cassagrande-Pouchet ja Sarah Devaux
Tom Boccara
Artistic Management
Mélissa Von Vépy
Sound Designer
Noé Voisard
Light Designer and Stage Management
Thibault Condy
Julie Antipine
Estelle Bérangier, Laure-Vilain, Fabrice Mertens