Cirko & RISA present: GLG

Cirko & RISA present: GLG

At Studio Pasila as a part of Three Pieces of Contact

GLG is a surrealistic trip where two people collide, entwine with and let go of boundaries of their own, each others’ and the surrounding world. Precariously balancing in the midst of the twists and turns of humanity the performance takes the viewer-experiencer towards an unknown destination where influences from visual arts, contemporary dance and circus meld together to create new meanings layer by layer.

RISA (Riia Kivimäki and Saku Mäkelä) combine dance and partner acrobatics to create a seamless weave of a new movement language by two very different artists. Unforeseen events unfold when dance reaches towards new dimensions and encounters acrobatics.

Kolme teosta kontaktista, kollaasi kolmesta tanssiesityksestä

Three Pieces of Contact (Kolme teosta kontaktista), photo: Kai Kuusisto.


Running time TBA
Location & accessibility STUDIO PASILA – Ratamestarinkatu 5
Tickets 30/27/15
Wed 2.3. at 19:00 Fri 4.3. at 19:00 Sat 5.3. at 13:00 Thu 10.3. at 19:00 Fri 11.3. at 19:00 Thu 17.3. at 19:00 Fri 18.3. at 19:00


Concept, choreography & performers

Riia Kivimäki ja Saku Mäkelä

Lighting design

Jukka Huitila

Sound design

Sami Tammela

Costumes and scenography, design

Riia Kivimäki ja Saku Mäkelä

Costumes and scenography, consultation with

Elina Kolehmainen

Costumes and scenography, construction

Outi Lehto, Riia Kivimäki ja Saku Mäkelä


Jarkko Lehmus

Supported by

La Briqueterie – CDCN Val-de-Marne and Tectis Oy.