Weibel & Weibel Co. : Breaking Point

Breaking Point

Weibel Weibel Co.

About Tension

Breaking Point is all about tension and how far you can stretch it. The show has been stripped bare of everything unnecessary, so that the audience can have a look inside the art of circus and scrutinize the essence of a particular act, slacklining, and a circus artist’s struggle with it. Breaking Point is an experimental performance. Instead of sitting in a detached auditorium, the audience will share the stage with the performer. You might even get to help him with setting up the gear. Come as close as you dare!

Tue 5.2. at 19:00
Wed 6.2. at 19:00
Thu 7.2. at 19:00
Fri 8.2. at 19:00
Sat 9.2. at 19:00
Sun 10.2. at 15:00
Tue 12.2. at 19:00
Wed 13.2. at 19:00
Thu 14.2. at 19:00
Fri 15.2. at 19:00
Sat 16.2. at 19:00
Sun 17.2. at 15:00
Running time
50 min
Age recommendation
+6 years
Ticket prices
28,00/17,50 €

Concept, director and performer
Alexander Weibel Weibel
Aino Ihanainen
DOCH, Stockholm's Stad