OuNous: VAL by Svalbard/Tom Brand

OuNous: VAL by Svalbard/Tom Brand

A womb, a church, a belly. ‘VAL’ is not just a sculpture or performance; it is an awakening of the imagination, a narrative of hope and resilience in tumultuous times. ‘VAL’ is an exquisite blend of wooden structures and LED lights, symbolising the confluence of the tangible and digital worlds, prompting contemplation about the trajectory of humanity and its relation to all life. The piece probes pertinent questions: What constitutes a digital fossil? How does one find harmony in algorithms? Moreover, ‘VAL’ is more than a performance; it’s a communal space, an invitation to gather and reflect. ‘VAL’ is a choice and an emergency light.

For this occasion Tom Brand, the creator of this artwork, will collaborate with Tuomas Norvio (sound) and Kenneth Danielsen (lights) to create an improvised piece in and around the installation. Likewise, Marina Cherry and Risto Puurunen will work together based on the same principles on Saturday 9.12.

7.12. klo 20.30 & 10.12. Klo 17.00 VAL I: Tom Brand and Tuomas Norvio
9.12. klo 17.00 VAL II: Marina Cherry and Risto Puurunen

Running time 45 min.
Location & accessibility Maneesi
Age recommendation 13+
Thu 7.12. at 20:30 Sat 9.12. at 17:00 Sun 10.12. at 17:00


Author and artistic director, producer:

Tom Brand/Svalbard

Performers, VAL I:

Tom Brand ja Tuomas Norvio

Performers, VAL II:

Marina Cherry (USA) & Risto Puurunen


Tobias Kiefer (KI Metal Solutions), Immanuel Rein & Tom Brand


Kulturrådet, Riksteatern, Punkshangaren, Cirkus Syd


Södermalms Trä, Welin & Co, BTF-Lighting