OuNous: Lotta & Stina

OuNous: Lotta & Stina

20 Years Later... Still Here!

2 Women – 22 Years – 23 Countries – 10,000 Shows – 5 Broken bones – 2,000 Dickheads – 1 Cancelled show

20 YEARS LATER, STILL HERE! is an autobiographical show of two women’s wild joyride through two decades in the world of circus arts. Told with warmth, humour, and dizzying acrobatics, this show invites the audience to share the highs and lows of a life in showbusiness. From the glitz and glamour to the countless hours of practice, the blood, the sweat and the tears.

Beyond the hard times, though, this story celebrates the inspiration that live performance can offer to audiences and a friendship between two women that has stood the test of time.

Language: English

Running time n. 70 min.
Location & accessibility Solmu
Age recommendation 10+
Thu 7.12. at 19:00 Fri 8.12. at 21:00 Sat 9.12. at 19:00


Performance and concept:

Stina Kopra ja Lotta Paavilainen

Directors and consultants:

Heidi Niemi ja Troels Hagen Findsen


Enna Paavilainen

Light design:

Vilma Vantola

Sound design:

Satu Kankkonen

Outside eye:

Heidi Miikki