OuNous: Kapsel Company

OuNous: Kapsel Company


Erik and Jay use juggling as a playful way to explore how humans interact with objects and the environment. This surprising show is presented with a personal touch. The show suggests an entire world of possibilities, hidden just below the surface of everyday life, waiting to be discovered by everyone! Music and juggling have always been connected by the shared quality of rhythm. Apparat takes this a step further by incorporating the addition of melody into the juggling sequences.

This performance suits the whole family, and especially to all parents!

Running time 45 min (incl. 15 min. workshop)
Location & accessibility Solmu
Age recommendation Age 5-12, but plays well for any age
Sat 9.12. at 13:00 Sat 9.12. at 14:30 Sun 10.12. at 13:00


Erik Åberg (SWE), Jay Gilligan (USA)