KIERROT: The Second Beginning – vertical/horizontal

KIERROT: The Second Beginning – vertical/horizontal

Points of view on collective artistic processes and outcomes

The moment when everyone’s mind is blank at the same time, in motion, idle, waiting.
The horizon
A human upside down

In the beginning there was something.
It was left vibrating, breathing, pulsating, growing, shrinking, exploding, floating.

The Second Beginning is a video performance taking place on the web platform Zoom. The performance is followed by a chat discussion in English with the artists of the performance. The ticket contains the link to the event.

Running time ca. 75 min
Location & accessibility Zoom
Age recommendation 12+
Tickets 5 €
Sat 6.2. at 14:00



Verna Laine, Katriina Tavi, Anna Lehtonen, Maria Lindeman, Sofia Molin & Outi Kallinen

Costume design

Csilla Szlovák

Light design

Essi Santala

Video and editing

Heikki Järvinen


Ari Romppanen and Petteri Rajanti