KIERROT: Botartnical Garden (in Finnish)

KIERROT: Botartnical Garden (in Finnish)

Elollisesta ja elottomasta

Botartnical Garden invites the audience to explore a familiar environment through a new perspective. The themes of the evening are looking at the animate and the inanimate, raising the mundane, weedness, and trying to reach towards the foreign.

The event consists of videos, discussions and an experiential section that is based on audio material. We recommend you to experience this section outside. We also recommend using a mobile device and headphones when attending the event. It would be useful to have your outdoor clothes handy before the beginning of the event if you wish to go outside. There is 10 minutes reserved for transition from indoors to outdoors during the event.

The performance will take place on Zoom web platform. The performance is followed by a discussion in Finnish with the artists of the performance. The ticket contains the link to the event.

Language of the event is Finnish. English version called Botartnical Garden is organised on Saturday 6.2. at 6 PM. To the event

Running time n. 85 min
Location & accessibility Zoom
Age recommendation 12+
Tickets 5 €
Fri 29.1. at 18:00



Salla Hakanpää, Onerva Helne, Freia Stenbäck, Annika Venäläinen & Henni Kervinen

Costume design

Csilla Szlovák

Light design

Essi Santala

Video & editing

Heikki Järvinen


Ari Romppanen ja Petteri Rajanti

Guest sprout

Verna Laine