KIERROT: Atonal arts & crafts (in Finnish)

KIERROT: Atonal arts & crafts (in Finnish)

Associations, emotions & objects

What kind of associations and emotions are transferred through your hand into an object while you are listening to music? During Atonal arts & crafts we get to know atonal music and find inspiration for handicrafts. The participants also get to be a part of a semi-scientific study about the associative relationship of music and image.

The performance will take place on the web platform Zoom in Finnish. The ticket contains the link to the event and a package that will be opened during the event. The packages will be mailed to the participants before the event.

Running time ca. 120 min
Location & accessibility Zoom
Age recommendation 12+
Tickets 5 €
Thu 4.2. at 18:00



Essi Santala, Petteri Rajanti, Ari Romppanen & Noora Pasanen

Costume design

Csilla Szlovák

Light design

Essi Santala

Filming and editing

Heikki Järvinen


Ari Romppanen ja Petteri Rajanti