Stage – Suvilahti Summer Theatre: Circus Cabaret – Experience!

Stage – Suvilahti Summer Theatre: Circus Cabaret – Experience!

Circus Cabaret – Live Experience! takes the Stage. On seven nights, we will be treated to seven different sets of artists. The program includes a wide sample of top contemporary circus artists, many of whom perform extremely rarely in Finland. The acts range from contortion to hula hoops, magic and football juggling.

We will see astonishing special skills, suspense, comedy and powerful sensitivity. The featured artists have gained experience in the ranks of Cirque du Soleil, Hurjaruuth and Cirkus Cirkör. Some of them have found themselves providing entertainment for high officials of the CIA. Many of the guests have won Finnish championships in their respective lines of skill. The line-ups of artists will be different every night. Pick your favourites or come and see all of the shows!

Simon Llewellyn, Salla Hakanpää, Belenos Group of Arts, Kate & Pasi, Tremolo, Ramona Reinvall, Lauri Tuhkanen & Siiri Lehtiö

Robert Jägerhorn, Belenos Group of Arts, Salla Hakanpää, Fatal Instrument, Tremolo, Race Horse Company, Maria Baric Company

Simon Llewellyn, RISA, Milena Oksanen, Lauri Tuhkanen & Siiri Lehtiö, Kate & Pasi, Ramona Reinvall, Race Horse Company

Milena Oksanen, Simon Llewellyn, Veera Kaijanen, Fatal Instrument, Lauri Tuhkanen & Siiri Lehtiö, Kate & Pasi, Maria Baric Company

Milena Oksanen, Belenos Group of Arts, Ramona Reinvall, RISA, Robert Jägerhorn, Veera Kaijanen, Maria Baric Company

Milena Oksanen, Tremolo, Robert Jägerhorn, Belenos Group of Arts, Kate & Pasi, Ramona Reinvall, Fatal Instrument, Veera Kaijanen

Robert Jägerhorn, Tremolo, Salla Hakanpää, Fatal Instrument, RISA, Veera Kaijanen, Race Horse Company

The language of the evening is Finnish.


Running time 1h 40 min
Location & accessibility Tiivistämö Suvilahti
Age recommendation The event is K-18.
Tickets Table for one 32,50€ Table for two 63,50 Table for four 123,50 Table for six 184€ Experience three theatre evenings for 150€
Fri 2.7. at 18:00 Fri 2.7. at 21:00 Sat 10.7. at 18:00 Sat 10.7. at 21:00 Sat 17.7. at 18:00 Sat 17.7. at 21:00 Thu 29.7. at 18:00 Thu 29.7. at 21:00 Fri 30.7. at 18:00 Fri 30.7. at 21:00 Fri 6.8. at 18:00 Fri 6.8. at 21:00 Fri 13.8. at 18:00 Fri 13.8. at 21:00

Performers and acts

Belenos Group of Arts:


Fatal Instrument:

The Greatest Action Comedy Show

Kate & Pasi:

Solo for Two

Lauri Tuhkanen & Siiri Lehtiö:


Maria Baric Company:


Milena Oksanen:


Race Horse Company:

Men on the Flying Teeterboard

Ramona Reinvall:



Don’t Fear the Reaper

Robert Jägerhorn:

8 Minutes to Landing

Salla Hakanpää:

Dive Within

Simon Llewellyn:

Football Juggler

Sirkus Kumiankka:


Veera Kaijanen: