Circo Aereo: in_between

Circo Aereo: in_between

Let’s reconnect in_between

“When someone asks me about the style of my work, I always answer that it’s somehow in-between contemporary and traditional; in-between entertaining and strange.” Maksim Komaro

Since the first ideas of this show were written down, the world has changed drastically. The realization of a new artistic piece is always an adventurous journey to an unknown destination. The world artists live in is always based on faith, dedication, blind trust and passion. They go out on stage, ready to take risks and show their vulnerability, and in doing so they offer a most precious gift to their audience: their love for art. The events since March 2020 put a drastic stop to any artistic life. With closed theatres and a society in lockdown, suddenly a strange new way of measuring social value was introduced when jobs and institutions were divided into essential and non-essential ones. This division became a prison for artists and artistic creation worldwide. It was no different for the artists behind this project. But somehow, in_between all of these challenges, the people behind this creation made the impossible possible and found a way to make art anyway. We still have to pinch ourselves when announcing that a new piece by Circo Aereo and Maksim Komaro will enter the circus world in 2021.

in_between became not just a description of how the director envisions circus, it also became a promise, a place, a state of mind, a solution – it became the unwritten concept of a show.

We will not tell you what this show is about and how it will make you feel. But we can tell you that we never worked harder, with more passion or desperation, in pain or full of joy. Six acrobats, six scenes, 60 minutes of contemporary circus in_between solitude and togetherness, truth and illusion, strength and fragility.

The premiere recording is available for watching only 28.1.2021 at 20:00. The premiere recording includes the show + an additional preshow of 10 minutes. After that the recording is available without the preshow until 4.2.2021 at 19:59. Ticket sales end 4.2. at 18:00.

Running time 60 min
Location & accessibility TikettiStream
Age recommendation 7+
Tickets 5/11,50/22,50/100 €
Thu 28.1. at 20:00 Fri 29.1. at 00:00 Sat 30.1. at 00:00 Sun 31.1. at 00:00 Mon 1.2. at 00:00 Tue 2.2. at 00:00 Wed 3.2. at 00:00 Thu 4.2. at 00:00


Performing & choreography

Alyssa Bunce, Simon-James Reynolds, Sini Saari, Anna Shvedkova, Onni Toivonen & Saleh Yazdani

Direction & concept

Maksim Komaro

Set design

Pavla Kamánova

Sound design

Atte Kantonen

Costume design

Kati Mantere

Magic consultation

Kalle Nio


Juho Rahijärvi & Jouni Ihalainen

Costume construction

Kati Mantere & Johanna Syrjä

Set and props construction

Janika Holm, Jouni Ihalainen, Pavla Kamánova, Emma Komulainen, Tapio Komulainen, Kati Mantere, Juho Rahijärvi, Simon-James Reynolds, Sanna Sucksdorff, Johanna Syrjä

Video & editing

Kalle Nio & Ville Walo


Circo Aereo


CHAMÄLEON Productions Berlin, Cirko Uuden Sirkuksen Keskus

Supported by

Alfred Kordelinin säätiö, Helsingin kulttuurikeskus, Opetus- ja kulttuuriministeriö, Suomen Kulttuurirahasto, Taiteen edistämiskeskus