Kekäläinen & Company: Stranger

Kekäläinen & Company: Stranger

Vieras – Främling – Stranger is a polyphonic work which envisages the meaning of strange and uncanny in our time.

The work – an event – is a manifesto of uncertainty, fragility, queerness, drifting, uncanny and love.

Strangeness and alterity resist the contemporary self-oriented form of life. They conceive differences, fractures and diversity that are substrating life itself.

Stuttering as a metaphor permeates and intertwines the work and traverses all its structures. Stuttering molds strange configurations and a philosophical framework on which the works grounds.

Recognition and sharing of the Private are significating components of the structure and meaning of the work. The Private is a locus in which the encounter with the Other is possible. It is a locus of sharing. The Private is vulnerable and contingent.

The work, the event, grows within the mode of the Private in which sound, light, sculpture and writing intertwines with a human being who moves, contemplates, senses, speaks and stutters to encounter with the Other, to share the sensation of being.

Running time ca. 120 min
Location & accessibility Cirko- Uuden Sirkuksen Keskus
Tickets 27/17 €
Sun 24.2. at 15:00 Tue 26.2. at 19:00 Thu 28.2. at 19:00 Sat 2.3. at 19:00 Tue 5.3. at 19:00 Thu 7.3. at 19:00 Sat 9.3. at 19:00