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5-3-1 Festival: Clément Layes: Title

©Joeri Thiry

​"We think about tomorrow while making coffee, make imaginary travels while walking down the streets. Meanwhile the things are just there, shrouded in an enigmatic silence. We interpret and associate, give things a meaning, but they don’t say anything."

Objects are very easily available components of our lives – but are they necessarily therefore also more present? Clément Layes playfully gives objects a stage, brings them together and creates breathtaking shapes. The otherwise mute accompanying objects begin to speak in TITLE. Usually humorous, Layes defies the logic of everyday life, overrides the conventions of perception and sets the objects´vibrant potential free. TITLE sweeps us away into the adventurous world of objects. 

Clément Layes has been living and working as a choreographer and performer in Berlin since 2008. Here, he co-founded the company Public in Private together with Jasna L. Vinovrski. At the interface between choreography, the visual arts and philosophy, the point of his works is found in observations on daily life. His performances - among them Allege (2010), Der grüne Stuhl (2012), Things that surround us (2012) and Dreamed apparatus (2014) - are shown internationally. TITLE (2015) is the last part of Layes’ performance series focusing on the man made world of objects surrounding us. 

Language: English

The guest performance visit is supported by Goethe-Institut Finnland

5-3-1 Festival of New Juggling in Helsinki since 1999.

  • Choreography and performer: Clément Layes
  • Light design: Ruth Waldeyer
  • Sound design: Ulrike Ertl
  • Dramaturgy: Jonas Rutgeerts
  • Artistic co-operation: Jasna L. Vinovrski
  • Production: Public in Private/Clément Layes
  • Funded by: The governing Mayor of Berlin - Senat’s Chancellery - Cultural Affairs and Fonds Darstellende Kuenste
  • Supported by: Sophiensæle, Tanzhaus nrw, Stuk Leuven, Tanzquartier Wien, Uferstudios and Flutgraben

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17,50 / 22,50 €

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