Cirko is an active participant in a number of Nordic, European and global new circus networks. These networks exist for the purpose of promoting the development of the sector, facilitating dialogue between sector organisations and practitioners, drawing up joint programmes and models for supporting creative endeavour and extending the life-cycle of individual productions.

Circus Bridge

Circus Bridge launched at the EARS Helsinki seminar in August 2016. Over the next three years we will take Finnish circus companies, performances and creative know-how to China, arrange meeting points for Finnish and Chinese circus artists and create the first Finnish-Chinese circus performance which will premiere in 2018.

Baltic Nordic Circus Network

Baltic Nordic Network (BNCN) is a collaborative network of 14 circus art organisations in the Baltic and Nordic countries. The network aims to strengthen the regional collaboration and develops the circus art field in the Baltic Sea region for example by arranging workshops and meetings for the artists and other circus professionals in the region.

Circus Incubator

Circus Incubator  is a new European project gathering 7 organizations in Europe and the Americas. Operational objectives:

- Making young artists aware of the necessity to internationalize their career and capitalize this experience

- Raising the awareness of the professionals in charge of dissemination, to accompany young circus artists

- Promoting the use of online collaborative tools by the participants

- Promoting a hybridization of the American and European models of accompaniment and of funds raising 


Cirko is one of 14 European partners involved in the CircusNext project (formerly known as Jeunes Talents Cirque Europe). CircusNext supports the next generation of European circus artists through residencies, workshops and grants. The project recently secured funding for the 2013-2014 financial period. A total of seven emerging European new circus ensembles will be selected for the programme. They will be provided with practical opportunities to work and rehearse and receive both artistic and commercial mentoring for a period of eighteen months. 


Cirko is a member of Europe’s most high-profile new circus and street art network.